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Rent a GPS for Travel in Popular European Destination

Step 1: Choose Rental Period;  Step 2: We Ship You the Unit (to any location via UPS);  Step 3: Ship it Back (with Preprinted Return Label and box)

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Garmin Nuvi 370
Garmin Nuvi 670
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Calculate Your Rate

Sample Pricing 3 DAYS $39
7 DAYS $89
14 DAYS $124
3 DAYS $49
7 DAYS $99
14 DAYS $134
Perfect size for in the car or as a handheld unit yes no
Extra wide map display screen no yes
Preloaded maps for all of Europe yes yes
Avoid traffic Tie-Ups & Save on gas yes yes
Voice announces streets by name yes yes

Navigate like a local with full coverage throughout Europe

Experience the pleasure of renting a portable GPS on your next business trip or vacation to Europe. Renting our Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS is perfect in size to view in your car, but small enough to use as a handheld unit. Renting our Garmin Nuvi 670 GPS has all the same gps navigation features, but has the wider screen size for enhanced viewing comfort when used in your car. European GPS rentals contains premium detailed maps coverage for all of Europe, including highways, regional freeways and local roads, as well points of interest such as: food and drink, lodging, golf courses, gas stations, hospitals and more.


Each GPS is sized for both automotive & handheld travel and features, state-of-the-art navigation, sharp graphics, voice guidance and pre-loaded points of interest.

With top GPS models from Garmin, Magellan, & Mio – we select the best fit for your destination. Combining easy ordering and shipment right to your door, you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without one!

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